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Flavia's Story

A Brazilian living in Vienna since 2008, I offered soft-skills trainings in organizations in Sao Paulo for 5 years. In Vienna, I got a Masters degree in Intercultural Management from Lauder Business School in 2011 and worked as a consultant for 3 years.
After a challenging year in 2013 and trying different ways to lower my anxiety and increase my well-being, I finally found back my joy through disciplined Mindfulness practice.

I know this is something that can help many people and this is the work I do.

I am on the path to becoming a cognitive behavior psychotherapist in Austria and I add this knowledge to my trainings. I have done various courses on Mindfulness including the certification as MIO Trainer (Mindfulness in Organizations), I am also a certified yoga and restorative yoga instructor and got 2 Bachelor degrees in Social Communication and English.

Are you ready to start your journey for a life of contentment?


What I believe

I believe most of us live a stressful life and we all need to find ways to compensate in order to increase our overall well-being and decrease uncomfortable symptoms of stress.

I find it a fascinating journey to find out what works for each of us and a few things work for most people, mindfulness, yoga, time in nature, socializing and moving the body.

Are you showing up to your health and well-being today?

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