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The ONE habit for better SLEEP

We all at one point or another will struggle with sleep. Either taking longer than usual to fall asleep or to fall back asleep in the middle of the night after having woken up. Scientists say: make a bridge between DAY and NIGHT. What does it mean? Count with at least 30 min of rituals before going to bed, after you brush your teeth, you will have to find out what works for YOU, it can include a foot massage, a neck stretch, a meditation, a few minutes of a gratitude practice (as I wrote in my last newsletter), read a book, write a journal - anything you do, stay away from screens or your phone.

Most important thing is, you are quiet, on your own, lights are down to a minimum and you are doing some kind of inner work. Bring you attention to positive feelings and thoughts so you can enter the night from a place of well-being. Sleep tight.

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